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Lotus Environments is pune based leading consultancy company having branch office at Goa providing Architectural, Engineering, and Environment & Forest services for government and private sectors.

The great mixture of prominent excellence and procedure coordinated with skilled performance that takes advantage of importance and eases possibility. The company has been established with professionalism and the professionals shows the dedication towards the work. We identify the essence and create the significance for the clients. We make every effort to integrate the best and bring the desired output. We are growing year by year through our achievements. Client will benefit from our awareness of contemporary worldwide development approaches, modern tendencies and inventive technologies through our envelopment.

Lotus Environments have been working efficiently and successfully since a decade in the fields related to Architecture and Engineering, Town Planning, Interior designing, Sustainable Eco-Tourism Development, Forest Parks, Forest Clearance proposals, Environment Clearance Proposals, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Education, Tree Census and Land Surveys for proposed developmental activities. We strongly support sustainable development and promote conservation of natural resources without compromising on the need for development.

Our company is run by a team of experienced professionals and experts in respective fields from the apex academic and professional institutes. We are operating from Pune, Maharashtra being the head office and Panaji, Goa as a branch office. Being an experienced consultant we currently stand as empanelled consultant by various Government and private organizations.

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  • Mr. T. Ravishankar, C.E.O.
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Architects and Planners
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Environment Experts
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Surveyors and GIS Analysts
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Accounts and Finance
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Graphics and Web Designers
Head Office
Building No.10, Lakshminarayana Nagar,
Pune - 411052
Ph. No.:020-25432369
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Branch Office
Flat No.8, Meenakshi Bldg.,
Opp. EDC Bldg.,
Panaji - 403001
Ph. No.:0832-2431000
Fax No.:0832-2431001


General : lotus_env@yahoo.co.in

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Careers & Internship : hr@lotusenvironment.com

Call us (Pune) : +91 20 2543 2369

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